Thanks to technology, a paperless office is in sight. Soon, meetings traditionally replete with handouts will be conducted without harming a single tree. IdeaPaint can help you save paper, improve air quality and contribute to a greener working environment. We are one of the most environmentally responsible dry-erase products on the market.

MATERIALS Millions of worn out and unwanted whiteboards end up in landfills each year. With IdeaPaint, there’s nothing to throw out. You apply it directly over the existing substrate in your office. If you have to make a change, just paint over it. IdeaPaint can even restore old whiteboards and add years to their life.

AIR QUALITY Many dry-erase surfaces contain formaldehyde, which slowly releases gas and diminishes indoor air quality for the life of the product. IdeaPaint is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations (including California) and does not produce any harmful gas once it’s dry.

ENERGY Traditional dry-erase boards require baking and curing procedures that consume large of amounts of energy. IdeaPaint is simply stirred. And because our product is much lighter and smaller, it requires less material and fuel to ship.
CERTIFICATION IdeaPaint is certified by Greenguard and Greentag.  Download certificates here
GBCSA  IdeaPaint is fully compliant under the Interior’s Tool Category:  Indoor Environmental Quality, Reduced Exposure to Pollutants